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September 19 2013


Hiroshi Yamauchi R.I.P.

Hiroshi Yamauchi, Präsident von Nintendo von 1949 bis 2002, der Mann der aus dem ehemaligen Hanafuda-Kartenspielfirma Nintendo den Videogame-Player machte, den wir heute kennen, ist im Alter von 85 Jahren gestorben. Danke für Mario, das SNES und alles andere, Hiroshi. R.I.P.

September 18 2013


Roboband plays NES-Gameplay-Audio in Realtime

Youtube Direktaudio, via Interweb3000

Nice: Die automatischen Instrumente von Youtuber Roboband spielen das Audiosignal eines NES live in Echtzeit zum Gameplay.

This system allows for Nintendo gameplay audio to be played through an acoustic player piano and robotically controlled percussive instruments. The piano and percussion play live during actual gameplay, mirroring the sounds that would normally be created electronically. All audio, including music and sound effects, is translated in realtime so that it is produced by the instrument most closely resembling the characteristics of the original electronic sound.

July 04 2013


➜ Todays Gamers suck at Super Mario (UPDATE: Fake.)

Nintendo-Prez Satoru Iwata hat auf der 73sten Aktionärsversammlung die Frage nach dem fallenden Schwierigkeitsgrad von Nintendo-Spielen beantwortet. Die haben Tests mit Gamern durchgeführt, in dem sie sie Super Mario zocken ließen. 90% konnten das erste Level nicht abschließen und hielten das Spiel für ein neues Hipster-Game im Retro-Pixellook: MAJORITY OF GAMERS TODAY CAN’T FINISH LEVEL 1 IN SUPER MARIO BROS. (via Beta Knowledge). Oh, the humanity! [update] Ist wohl Satire, ich hatte den Link zur offiziellen Nintendo-Seite gesehen, hatte mir das maschinenübersetzte Transkript aber nicht wirklich durchgelesen. Darin steht nichts hiervon. Meh…

✖ This Item on Nerdcore.

August 10 2011


Nintendo before Mario

Nintendo before Mario: Ein sehr schönes Blog eines Niederländers, der dort seine Nintendo-Sammlung zeigt, die ausschließlich (?) aus Games besteht, bevor der Laden der Konsolenhersteller wurde, den wir heute kennen. Sehr hübsch! Das Bild hier ist das Nintendo Light Telephone (オプトエレクトロニクス 光線電話LT, 1971). Hier die Liste aller Spielzeuge alphabetisch, hier mehr Infos über seine Sammlung:

I am an avid fan of video games and toys and games from Nintendo’s prehistory, before they made it big with the Famicom. The items featured on this blog are taken from my personal collection, which has taken over 25 years to put together. […] This blog showcases and celebrates the toys and games Nintendo created in the period from the mid 60s to the early 80s, starting with the first board games up to the launch of the Family Computer in 1983.

Nintendo before Mario (Danke @Weltmacht!)

June 27 2011


December 14 2010


8-Bit Monochromatic Glory: Super Smash Land

(Youtube Direktsmash, via Kotaku)

Super Smash Land ist eine grandiose 8-Bit-Monochrom-Interpretation von Nintendos Super Smash Bros. und zeigt wie das Spiel als Game-Boy-Version in den 1990er hätte aussehen können. Leider soll es nicht als Game-Boy-Cartridge produziert werden, sondern erscheint für den PC. Ein Vier-Spieler-Support ist in Planung mit Auftritten von Mario, Kirby, Link und Pikachu. Dan Fornace , Entwickler des Spiels, hat eine spielbare Demo für diesen Freitag bereits offiziell angekündigt. Kurzer Snip:

The Demo will feature 2 Characters and 3 Stages along with in-game options like Music, SFX, Full Screen and Controls Changing! Don’t forget the game is 4 player so that means go buy some USB controllers if you don’t have them. I include a Joy2Key already set up for you in the zip folder.

And to close, a really sweet quote by tay120n64 from

“This is like a dream I had once. A dream where awesome was made more awesome the way only a Game Boy can ^-^ “

Malte, Teilzeit-Comicverkäufer und Vollzeit-Pseudointellektueller an einer deutschen Universität, vergnügt sich täglich mit populärkulturellen Krimskram in Form von sequentieller Kunst, analogen Tonträgern sowie Telespiele um sie auf Nerdcore in anderer Gestalt zu präsentieren. Malte zwitschert jetzt.

December 13 2010


New Yorker profiles Shigeru Miyamoto

Der New Yorker hat einen sehr langen und sehr schönen Artikel über Shigeru Miyamoto, Mastermind von Nintendo und Erfinder von Super Mario und Zelda.

In his games, Miyamoto has always tried to re-create his childhood wonderment, if not always the actual experiences that gave rise to it, since the experiences themselves may be harder to come by in a paved and partitioned world. “I can still recall the kind of sensation I had when I was in a small river, and I was searching with my hands beneath a rock, and something hit my finger, and I noticed it was a fish,” he told me one day. “That’s something that I just can’t express in words. It’s such an unusual situation. I wish that children nowadays could have similar experiences, but it’s not very easy.” […]

What he hasn’t created is a company in his own name, or a vast fortune to go along with it. He is a salaryman. Miyamoto’s business card says that he is the senior managing director and the general manager of the entertainment-analysis and -development division at Nintendo Company Ltd., the video-game giant. What it does not say is that he is Nintendo’s guiding spirit, its meal ticket, and its playful public face. Miyamoto has said that his main job at Nintendo is ningen kougaku—human engineering. He has been at the company since 1977 and has worked for no other. (He prizes Nintendo’s financial and creative support for his work: “There’s a big difference between the money you receive personally from the company and the money you can use in your job.”) He has never been the company’s (or his own) boss, but it is not unreasonable to imagine that Nintendo might not exist without him. He designed the games and invented the franchises that caused people to buy the consoles. He also helped design the consoles.

Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendos man behind Mario : The New Yorker (via Kottke)

Tags: Games Nintendo

February 26 2010


Ghostbusters Wii-Mod


Jemand namens Jack hat für das Ghostbusters Game seine Wii-Mote in einen Proton Pack gemodded. Don’t cross the streams!

Straight from Egon’s lab, after months of Beta testing I bring to you the first ever fully fictional Wii-Proton Pack to be used in conjunction with the Nintentdo Wii version of the Ghostbusters Video game. The cyclotron features four blue LEDs allowing you to know which player is selected or active and the Blue Power Cell actually shows you how much power the pack has. The Thrower has been carefully designed in regards to ergonomics and function. The front of the wand has an area in which you can place the Wii-mote and the back handle is where the Nunchuck is placed. Since the Wii-mote has in internal speaker in it’s ABS housing, when playing the game the pack makes all the iconic Ghostbusters SFX.

Nintendo Wii Proton Pack (via Technabob)

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