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Network-Designs for the Post-Cyberwar Era

Schöne Konzeptkunst von Philipp Ronnenberg, der drei Konzepte für Netzwerke nach einem globalen Cyberwar erstellt hat. Eins ist ein Positionssystem, das über die seismischen Aktivitäten von Pumpen und Generatoren funktioniert, ein anderes ist eine Internet-Alternative über freigewordene analoge Sendefrequenzen. Am spannendsten ist vielleicht seine Sewer Cloud, die Daten in den DNA von Algen in den Londoner Kanälen speichert. Künstlerische Auseinandersetzung mit Netzpolitik und Netz-Infrastruktur – yes please!

I wanted to create three independent network alternatives. The body of work wrapped in the series Post Cyberwar is a reflection of how dependent we are today on the authoritarian structures of the networks we are using day to day. It is not only about surveillance and tracking down activity of users, it is also about content which becomes increasingly restricted, censored and monitored. The installation of controlling instances (i.e. kill switch) within these networks is justified with cyberwar and cyber-terrorism.

The recent news of the NSA data collection came just about right for the project. I have been working on the Post Cyberwar series since we last met. For me, it was always obvious that the NSA or any other governmental institutions are monitoring, but I was surprised about the dimension. Nowadays the perception (in the public) of surveillance has slightly changed, thanks to the main stream media and whistleblowers like Snowden. When I talked 5 years ago about surveillance and tracking, I often heard words like paranoid and being mistrustful.

Controlling the Internet and surveilling our every click is enough for getting an insight. But as we saw in Georgia, Egypt and sometimes China, shutting down the Internet and mobile phone networks (or at least parts of it), is a powerful way to prevent communication and the circulation of undesirable information.

We Make Money Not Art: Post Cyberwar Series

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