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February 12 2014


Banana with a AK47

Then this happened:

Beaumont police were called to Eastex Freeway near Highway 105 Saturday morning by people complaining about a man dressed as a banana holding an AK-47. Derek Poe, owner of Golden Triangle Tactical, told 12News Saturday that it was part of the store’s grand opening after moving locations from Parkdale Mall.

Poe said the man in the banana suit was holding an AK-47 across his back with the barrel pointing down and holding a sign with an arrow pointing toward the store. He said this idea was to attract customers to the store.

Beaumont police cite man dressed as banana carrying AK-47

January 03 2014


Dude arrested for attacking Girlfriend with a Banana

And then this happened:

A Pasco County man spent new years day behind bars, after sheriff’s deputies say he assaulted his live in girlfriend with a banana. […]

When [the Cops] arrived, Smolinsky’s live-in girlfriend told them he threw a banana at her. Smolinsky denied the accusation and told deputies she threw the banana at him.

According to the arrest affidavit, the arresting deputy noticed the victim’s face was slightly red where she said she was hit by the banana. That deputy also observed the banana in the garbage and parts of the peel were on the ground near the couch where she was sitting.

Pasco man accused in banana assault (via Arbroath, Symbolbild: Monty Python – How to self-defend agains Fruit)

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October 22 2013


Banana Graffiti

banana2 banana4 banana3 banana1

I just can’t get enough of Banana Drawings. Here’s Marta Grossis Banana Graffiti. (via Designboom)

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Tattooed Manga-Bananas
Tattooed Bananas
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October 02 2013


Tattooed Manga-Bananas

End Cape aus Japan tättowiert Bananen mit einer Sicherheitsnadel und malt sie so mit Mangas voll. Nice!

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Tattooed Bananas
Banana Drawings

July 04 2013


Unexpected Banana

Youtube Direktbanana, via Arbroath

Banana-Costumes are the new Horseheads.

May 14 2013


Banana Pool Table

There’s always an Eightball on the Banana Pool. A BANANA POOL! Von Cléon Daniel. (via Designboom)

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February 10 2013


Tattooed Bananas

Honey (Twitter) aus New York macht normalerweise schöne Illustrationen mit einem nicht so ganz graden Strich, wie ich ihn gerne mag. Und manchmal tätowiert sie Bananen mit einer Sicherheitsnadel. Toll! (via MyModernMet)

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Banana Drawings

December 04 2011


Fear of the Flesh-Eating Killer-Banana

In Mozambique geht die Angst vor mit Bakterien verseuchten Bananen um, die Nekrotisierende Fasziitis auslösen, einer Krankheit, die die Haut absterben lässt. Die Bananenverkäufe sind im Keller, Grund ist ein eMail-Hoax.

MAPUTO — Rumours of flesh-eating bananas in Mozambique have sparked a plummet in the sale of the fruit, prompting the health minister Friday to reassure people of its safety.

“From the work conducted by the Ministries of Agriculture, Health and Trade and Industry, it was concluded that there is no record of entry of any infected banana in the country,” according to a joint statement.

An email and text message hoax warning people against eating bananas for the next three weeks went viral as people feared being infected by necrotising fasciitis, or skin-eating disease.

The bacteria can destroy skin, fat and tissue covering the muscles.

The messages also advised people to see a doctor if they developed a fever after eating the killer fruit.

Flesh-eating banana fears hit Mozambique (via Arbroath)

July 05 2011


Banana Motherfucker

(Youtube Direktbanana, via Nils)

Von den Portugiesen, die bereits mit Blarghaaahrgarg einen Kurzfilm über ein riesiges Popelmonster ablieferten, kommt demnächst Banana Motherfucker. Ein Film über Bananen. Jetzt weiß ich auch, warum Monty Python damals einen Selbstverteidigungskurs gegen Leute anboten, die einen mit Kirschen, Passionsfrucht und Bananen angriffen. Nach der Banane.

René Walter bloggt immer noch hier und macht manchmal auch was mit Filmen und sollte ja eigentlich immer noch mit packen und dem aufladen von allem möglichen Elektronikkrams beschäftigt sein, bei mordenden Hülsenfrüchten muss man allerdings natürlich immer wachsam sein. Nicht wahr?

April 13 2011


Carved Banana-Sculptures

Sehr strange Skulpturen aus geschnitzten Bananen von y_yamaden: Wonderfully Creepy Sculptures Carved From Bananas, hier der Link zu seinem Portfolio auf einer seltsamen japanischen Website.

August 24 2010


And now… Bananaphobia.

Eine Frau, die Angst vor Bananen hat: „The 21-year-old children’s worker suffers from bananaphobia, an overwhelming fear of the yellow fruit. ‘It began when I was seven and my brother put a banana in my bed as a joke,’ said Ms Dando, from Hastings, East Sussex.“ Ich mache keine Witze über Leute, die Angst vor Bananen haben. Ich mache keine Witze über Leute, die Angst vor Bananen haben. Ich mache keine Witze über Leute, die Angst vor Bananen haben. (via Arbroath)

August 19 2010


April 30 2010



(Youtube Direktbanana, via Digg)

Mit StarCraft 2 produziertes Video zu Raffis „Bananaphone“. Passt wie Arsch auf Eimer.

January 28 2010


It’s a bottle full of ketchup made from Bananas!

That’s what it is!

Banana ketchup or banana sauce is a popular Filipino condiment made from mashed banana, sugar, vinegar, and spices. It is often colored red to resemble tomato ketchup. Banana Ketchup was made when there was a shortage of tomato ketchup during the World War II, due to high production of bananas. (Wikipedia)

(via Cyn-C)

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