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February 15 2014


January 13 2014


Drone-monitored Exams

Youtube Direktdrone, via Reddit

Hardcore-Education in Belgien: An der Thomas More Schule in Brüssel testen sie mit einem Quadcopter überwachte Examen.

Thomas More school, located about 30km north of Brussels, posted a video on YouTube showing the aerial drone soaring above students while they take a test. The tiny DJI Phantom aircraft, armed with a GoPro video camera, is controlled by one invigilator while another watches a monitor for potential cheats.

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December 20 2013


Drone Survival Kit printed on Aluminium Foil

Nice: Eine Übersicht über alle möglichen Dronen gedruckt auf reflektivem Aluminium, mit dem man wahlweise Überwachungskameras blenden oder sich einen Aluhut basteln kann.

This document contains the silhouettes of the most common drone species used today and in the near future. Each indicating nationality and whether they are used for surveillance only or for deadly force. All drones are drawn in scale for size indication. From the smallest consumer drones measuring less than 1 meter, up to the Global Hawk measuring 39,9 meter in length. The guide contains tactics for hiding from drones and interfering with the drones’ sensors, collected from various online sources. […]

One of the techniques for misleading a drone’s camera is putting reflective material on the rooftops of houses or cars (glass, mirror) to try to reflect sunlight into the drone’s camera, making this poster a useful tool to interfere with the drone’s sensors.

DRONE SURVIVAL GUIDE (via Animal New York)

December 11 2013


Our Drone Future

Youtube Direktdrone, via Seitvertreib

Nettes Stückchen Designfiction von Alex Cornell „created with DJI Phantom Drones, After Effects, Premier, Logic, GoPro, and a liberal interpretation of FAA regulations.“

In the near future, cities use semi-autonomous drones for urban security. Human officers monitor drone feeds remotely, and data reports are displayed with a detailed HUD and communicated via a simulated human voice (designed to mitigate discomfort with sentient drone technology). While the drones operate independently, they are “guided” by the human monitors, who can suggest alternate mission plans and ask questions.

Specializing in predictive analysis, the security drones can retask themselves to investigate potential threats. As shown in this video, an urban security drone surveys San Francisco’s landmarks and encounters fierce civilian resistance.


Und apropos Dronen: Den Skyjack-Drone-Hack hatte ich letzte Woche beim Blogtausch bereits gepostet und James Bridle hat für eine Doku-Premiere neue Dronen-Schatten in London gedingst.

December 02 2013


Amazon Drone Delivery

Youtube Direktdrone

Jeff Bezos hat am Wochenende in einem Interview mit 60 Minutes Amazons neuen Prime Air-Service vorgestellt: superschnelle Lieferung per Drone. Soweit ich weiß, gab es Dronenlieferungen bislang als Spaßprojekte (Dönercopter) oder im singulären Einsatz (Bierlieferung per Drone auf einem Festival in Südafrike), wenn Bezos hier allerdings Ernst macht, dürften Distributions-Dronen schon bald so alltäglich wie Post-Autos werden.

Q: Is this science fiction or is this real?
A: It looks like science fiction, but it’s real. From a technology point of view, we’ll be ready to enter commercial operations as soon as the necessary regulations are in place. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is actively working on rules for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Q: One day we’ll see a fleet of Prime Air vehicles in the sky?
A: Yes. One day, Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road today.

Die Amazon Dronen sollen einsatzbereit sein, sobald die amerikanische Flugsicherheitsbehörde ihre Dronen-Richtlinien vorstellt. Dann werden natürlich nicht nur nette Amazon-Dronen kommen, die einem das dreizehnte Remake auf BluRay nach Hause liefern, sondern auch neue fliegende Überwachungstechnologie. Just saying. Drohnen sollen Amazon-Pakete ausliefern

November 04 2013


September 12 2013


Iron Maidens Bruce Dickinson does not build Drones

Iron Maidens Bruce Dickinson besitzt die Cardiff Aviation Ltd, ein „aircraft maintenance business based at the Twin Peaks Hangar in St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales“. Jetzt wurde ihm vorgeworfen, Dronen für die US-Regierung zu bauen.

The claim had been made on the blog Dorset Eye in a post titled: ‘Bruce Dickinson: Rock’n'Roll Warmonger’, which took as its source an announcement on a South African conference speakers’ website.

In a written statement to NME, a spokesperson for the band described the article as “spurious” and said: “This is a totally inaccurate and malicious piece of writing that seems to have stemmed from an unfortunate mistake in terminology on a South African website that the writer of said blog has since used as a starting point and catalyst to go off on a flight of sheer fantasy.” They clarified: “Both Bruce Dickinson and

Iron Maiden’s manager Rod Smallwood were early investors in, and remain great supporters of, Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), a company that has nothing whatsoever to do with drones, ‘lighter than air’ or otherwise!”

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson denies manufacturing drones for US military

August 19 2013


➜ Drones over Area 51

The CIA first tested drones in Area 51 because of course they did: „Two unmanned aerial reconnaissance programs operated by the CIA during the Cold War may have anticipated the rise of military drones by a half-century, according to newly declassified government documents. […] At least one of these prototypes was flown from Area 51 more than 20 times.“

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July 04 2013


DIY Drone-Kit

Vimeo Direktdrone, via Interweb3000

Nettes Spielzeug von Jasper Van Loenen: Ein DIY-Kit, mit dem man alles mögliche Zeug mit Schraubklemmen in Dronen (oder eher: Quadrocopter) verwandeln kann. Nice!

The DIY (Drone It Yourself) v1.0 kit offers you the opportunity to turn any object into a drone, simply by attaching four motors and a control unit – no technical know-how needed. The kit consists of multiple parts that are easy to assemble and can be attached to a wide range of different objects.

For more advanced uses, you can take the original designs and alter the kit by making your own custom clamps or add-ons as needed.

DIY (Drone It Yourself)

February 16 2013

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