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February 18 2014


February 11 2014


Jack Kerouacs On The Road told by Google Maps

Mein Buddy Gregor hat wieder zugeschlagen, diesmal hat er Jack Kerouacs On The Road durch Google Maps gejagt und einen Literatur-Remix durch deren Directions API generiert. Well done, Dicker!

Eine physische Ausgabe des Buchs gibt’s On Demand bei Lulu, hier das Teil auf Issuu:

Based on the novel “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac and Google Maps Direction Service.

The exact and approximate spots Kerouac traveled and described are taken from the book and parsed by Google Direction Service API. The result is a huge direction instruction of 55 pages. The chapters match those of the original book. All in all, as Google shows, the journey takes 272,261667 hours (for 17527 miles).

This book is part of the exhibition “Poetry Will Be Made By All!” that is held in Zürich (January 30 – March 30, 2014).

Gregor Weichbrodt: On The Road

Open Culture: Jack Kerouac’s On The Road Turned Into Google Driving Directions & Published as a Free eBook

Vorher auf Nerdcore:
Germanys Next Topmodell remixed into classical Literature
RSS-Generierte Schlagzeilen-Poesie
Anmeldeblatt für eine Revolution
Narrativ des Widerstandes: Revolutionäres Manifest aus remixten PR-Texten

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February 05 2014


Happy 100th, William S. Burroughs!

„A cat’s rage is beautiful, burning with pure cat flame, all its hair standing up and crackling blue sparks, eyes blazing and sputtering.“ Happy 100th, William S. Burroughs! Bild oben: Shepard Faireys Geburtstags-Print.

December 19 2013


Handwritten Edition of James Joyce’ Ulysses on 38 wooden Poles

Charlene Matthews ist Buchbinderin aus Los Angeles und hat James Joyce’ Ulysses in der Version der Erstausgabe abgeschrieben, inklusive aller Druck- und Schreibfehler – auf 38 Pfosten.

James Joyce completed his novel, Ulysses, on October 30, 1921. Ninety years later, on October 30, 2011, Charlene Matthews, the Los Angeles-based book artist and bookbinder recently the subject of a profile in Studios magazine, began work on an extraordinary edition of the book, based upon Sylvia Beach’s true first edition with all its typos included.

Two years later, on October 30, 2013, she completed it: the entire text of Ulysses – all of its approximately 265,000 words in eighteen episodes – transcribed by hand onto thirty-eight seven-foot tall, two-inch diameter poles: Ulysses as a landscape to physically move through; the novel as literary grove, Ulysses as trees of of life with language as fragrant, hallucinatory bark, and trunks reaching toward the sky.

You Won’t Believe This Incredible Art Edition Of James Joyce’s Ulysses (via Open Culture)

December 10 2013


Algorithmic Mashup of the Bible and Lovecraft

Nachdem Charles Stross (Accelerando, Rapture of the Nerds) das Bibel/Coding-Mashup von Michael Walker gesehen hatte, hat er sich ein Dings aus der Bibel und Lovecraft gebastelt. Ein alogorithmischer Coding/Lovecraft-Generator wäre interessant gewesen (so ähnlich wie dieser hier), das hier ist dann doch eher nur nett, weil die Bibel und Lovecraft ja ziemlich ähnlich sind: olle Fantasy-Bücher über Große Alte und seltsame Viecher unter der Erde.

Aber okay, man nimmt, was man kriegt. Charles Stross hat also ein kleines Mashup aus der Bibel und Lovecraft gecodet, das Teil ist wohl eher grob zusammengehackt und arg optimierungsbedürftig, wenn sich jemand mit Perl auskennt: Stross hat den Code dazu gepackt. Hier meine Favorites:

- His eyes were pits of a hundred and fifty shekels, 30:24 And he laughed mockingly at the village summoning.

- It could tell, it thunders. The thing came out of Egypt. Who knoweth.

- 8:15 As it fastened his body to the dead youth who would “go the king lifted up his Son of Professor George Saintsbury” […]

I wonder: if I run it for long enough, will it emit a fully-formed draft of the Necronomicon? (via Leo)

Vorher auf Nerdcore:
What if… H.P. Lovecraft wrote a C-Programming-Manual?
Algorithmic Mashup of the Bible and classic Coding Book

December 06 2013


The Printed Web Subculture

Der New Yorker hat einen schönen Artikel über eine Subkultur im Web, die das Internet zu Büchern verwurstet und zu gedruckten Kunst-Artefakten verarbeitet. Die machen als Ausgangspunkt für diese Arbeiten die Glitches in Google Books und das alte Tumblelog The Art of Google Books, was ich so nicht unterschreiben würde. Trotzdem eine schöne Zusammenfassung eines Netzkunst-Subgenres:

One of those was Paul Soulellis, the proprietor of the Library of the Printed Web, which is housed in a pristine industrial space in Long Island City. Earlier this year, Soulellis, a graphic designer turned book artist, began to build his library, which consists entirely of stuff pulled off the Web and bound into paper books. One book is nothing more than dozens of images of highways rendered flat by flaws in Google Earth’s mapping algorithm. There are grubby, stapled zines consisting of printed Twitter feeds, books of CAPTCHA codes presented as visual poetry, collections of photos of dogs with glowing eyes culled from Flickr, and lots of books where the “authors” have selected uncanny moments from Google Street View, including a book of prostitutes on roadsides caught by Google’s cameras. While most of them are cheap, print-on-demand editions, a few are highly produced art books. One of the most beautiful books in the library is a collection of hundreds of crummy JPEGs of variations on the Mona Lisa (think the Mona Lisa morphed with E.T., made by a fourteen-year-old), printed on thick, handmade paper, and accordion-folded into an expensive slipcase; the combination of the crappy and the crafted is weirdly effective. Then there are absurdly large projects, such as a ninety-six-volume set called “Other People’s Photographs,” which scoops up material from random Flickr pages.


December 05 2013


Bad Sex in Fiction Award 2013

Ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass es einen Bad Sex in Fiction-Award gibt, aber es gibt ihn. Gewinnen hat Manil Suri mit einer intergalaktischen bisexuellen Orgie und mit Absätzen wie diesem:

Surely supernovas explode that instant, somewhere, in some galaxy. The hut vanishes, and with it the sea and the sands – only Karun’s body, locked with mine, remains. We streak like superheroes past suns and solar systems, we dive through shoals of quarks and atomic nuclei. In celebration of our breakthrough fourth star, statisticians the world over rejoice.

Ebenfalls nominiert war ünrigens niemand geringeres als Woody „This Machine kills Fascists“ Guthrie mit einer denkwürdigen Eingeweide-Nummer:

Back and forth, side to side, they moved on their bed on the hay. Back and forth, side to side, they moved their hips, their feet, their legs, their whole bodies. Their arms tied into knots like vines climbing trees, and the trees moved and swayed, and there was a time and a rhythm to the blend of the movement. And inside the door of her womb she felt her inner organs and tissues, all her muscles and glands, felt them roll, squeeze, squeeze, and roll, and felt that every inch of her whole being stretched, reached, felt out, felt in, felt all around the shape of his penis.

Independent: Bad Sex in Fiction award 2013: Manil Suri’s subatomic bisexual orgy in The City of Devi beats hillbilly humping to award (via Arbroath)
Telegraph: Bad Sex Awards 2013: The shortlist in full

October 30 2013


Happy 75th, War of the Worlds!

Heute vor 75 Jahren wurde H.G. Wells legendäres Original-Hörspiel zu War Of The Worlds ausgestrahlt. Der Sage nach fielen Millionen Menschen auf die Radio-Sendung herein und hielten die Alien Invasion vom Mars für echt. Bei der Story handelt es sich allerdings sehr wahrscheinlich um Bullshit, erfunden von den Tageszeitungen, um das Radio zu diskreditieren, die damals als vintage New Media Werbeeinnahmen bei der Presse abzog. Parallelen zur Gegenwart sind recht offensichtlich, Snip von Slate: The Myth of the War of the Worlds Panic.

Radio had siphoned off advertising revenue from print during the Depression, badly damaging the newspaper industry. So the papers seized the opportunity presented by Welles’ program to discredit radio as a source of news. The newspaper industry sensationalized the panic to prove to advertisers, and regulators, that radio management was irresponsible and not to be trusted.

In an editorial titled “Terror by Radio,” the New York Times reproached “radio officials” for approving the interweaving of “blood-curdling fiction” with news flashes “offered in exactly the manner that real news would have been given.” Warned Editor and Publisher, the newspaper industry’s trade journal, “The nation as a whole continues to face the danger of incomplete, misunderstood news over a medium which has yet to prove … that it is competent to perform the news job.”

Dennoch oder vielleicht auch grade deshalb: H.G.Wells Story und deren Umsetzungen gehören zu meinen absoluten Lieblingsstoffen, ich mag das Buch, das Hörspiel, den ollen Film, Spielbergs neuen Film und alle Remixe, die ich im Laufe der Jahre hier so gepostet habe. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Dreibeiner!

Nach dem Klick noch ein ganzer Haufen alter Buch-Cover, Comics und Filmposter voller Tripods:

Vorher auf Nerdcore:
The Herbaliser mixes H. G. Wells’ War Of The Worlds
Podcast: Marsianer in Grover’s Mill! – Die wundersame Welt der Medienfakes
War of the Worlds Dubstep-Mix
70 Jahre „War of the Worlds“
‘War of the Worlds’ – Ray Harryhausen martian test footage
Wokings H. G. Wells-Skulptur: ein War of the Worlds-Tripod!
The War of the Worlds – Interior Illustrations
The War Of The Worlds Book Cover Collection

October 25 2013


De-Compressing Edgar Allan Poes „The Raven“

Youtube Direktnevermore

Schöner Clip mit einer Visualisierung der GZip-Kompression anhand von Edgar Allen Poes The Raven. Aus den Comments auf Hackernews:

The video shows a slow-motion decoding of a gzipped version of the poem. The red text between brackets is a chunk of text that was earlier stored into the huffman tree (example “W{hile I }” means that the “hile I” was previously encoded; it occurred in the substring “while I pondered”). You can see the red chunks quickly occupy the larger volume of the poem, which visually highlights the symmetry in lyric that the computer is using to encode the file as gzip.

gzip + poetry = awesome

September 27 2013


„I’m the One who knocks“ by Edgar Allen Poe, Hemingway and other Poets

Knaller von McSweeneys: Walter Whites Danger-Monolog im Remix anderer Autoren inklusive Hemingway, Poe, George R.R. Martin, J.K. Rowling und Dr. Seuss. Ein Breaking Bad/Literatur-Mashup. Fantastisch!

Jane Austen
“I’m the person who gentle folk hear after dinner, what strikes fear in their drawing rooms,” our heroine overheard the balding gentleman in the dark hat and spectacles remark to his astonished wife. “Perhaps we should take to Bath this summer,” the wife replied, changing the subject.

Edgar Allen Poe
“And so I come, heartily rapping, not at all gently tapping, tapping, upon the chamber door. Tis I,” he blustered, “and no one more.” […]

Ernest Hemingway
“I knock,” Walt said. That was all.


September 18 2013


Marcel Reich-Ranicki R.I.P.

Marcel Reich-Ranicki ist heute im Alter von 93 Jahren gestorben. Ich mochte den Mann sehr, sehr gerne, wegen seines Anspruchs, den er immer und überall voranstellte, Bücher verbal zerfetzte, die ihm nicht gerecht wurden und der live den Fernsehpreis ablehnte, weil er diesen Müll nicht ertragen konnte. Und natürlich nicht zuletzt wegen seines schrulligen Wesens. Wir haben heute einen großen Mann verloren. R.I.P. Marcel.

Man nannte ihn den Literaturpapst: Marcel Reich-Ranicki ist im Alter von 93 Jahren gestorben. Als Kritiker prägte er über Jahrzehnte das bundesdeutsche Verständnis von Literatur. Die Sendung “Das Literarische Quartett” machte ihn zum Fernsehstar, seine Memoiren “Mein Leben”, in denen er seine Verfolgung durch die Nazis verarbeitete, waren ein Bestseller.

spOnline: Zum Tode Marcel Reich-Ranickis: Ein deutsches Leben
FAZ: Marcel Reich-Ranicki in der FAZ
Guardian: Marcel Reich-Ranicki, German literary critic, dies aged 93
ZDF: Marcel Reich-Ranicki ist tot

September 11 2013


American Psycho Series is coming

Fox Extended entwickelt eine American Psycho-Serie. Hört sich an, wie die letzte Staffel von Dexter und dürfte weder mit dem Film mithalten können, der bereits eine eher okayishe Umsetzung des fantastischen Buchs von Brett Easton Ellis war.

American Psycho is headed to television. FX has put in development an American Psycho drama series that takes place decades after the events in the 2000 movie starring Christian Bale and the novel on which the film was based. […] Described as an update of American Psycho, the drama series fast-forwards from the late 1980s, when the movie was set, to present day. It will feature serial killer Patrick Bateman, now in his mid-50s but as outrageous and lethal as ever, taking on a protégé in a sadistic social experiment who will become every bit his equal — a next-generation American Psycho.

Ob das Projekt in irgendeiner Form mit Easton Ellis Ankündigung eines Sequel-Romans hat, weiß ich nicht. Wahrscheinlich haben die Fox-Leute nur seine Tweets gelesen.

August 26 2013


5 new J.D. Salinger-Books coming in 2015

Youtube Direktrye

Ist ‘ne mittelschwere Sensation, die gestern abend noch rumging: Laut einer im September erscheinenden Dokumentation inklusive Buch soll J.D. Salinger (Fänger im Roggen) selbst an der posthumen Veröffentlichung seiner Manuskripte gearbeitet haben. Der Mann hatte mit dem Fänger einen der Coming-Of-Age-Klassiker geschrieben und sich nach ein paar Storys und Magazin-Veröffentlichungen beinahe vollständig aus dem öffentlichen Leben zurückgezogen, bis zu seinem Tod 2010 hatte er nur noch für sich selbst geschrieben – hatte man zumindest angenommen. Jetzt sollen ab 2015 gleich fünf neue Bücher von Salinger erscheinen, unter anderem mit neuen Storys von Holden Caulfield. Den Trailer zur Doku hatte ich im Juni schonmal gepostet, oben nochmal (und mir sieht der immer noch zu reißerisch aus).

According to new reports from The New York Times and the Associated Press, there will be new published works by the notoriously reclusive author starting in 2015. There are five new pieces in total, they involve some of Salinger’s most beloved characters, and this delayed schedule was Salinger’s plan. Before his death, Salinger instructed his estate as to when and how to release the works. The Times has the most detailed summation of the forthcoming stories:

One collection, to be called “The Family Glass,” would add five new stories to an assembly of previously published stories about the fictional Glass family, which figured in Mr. Salinger’s “Franny and Zooey” and elsewhere, according to the claims, which surfaced in interviews and previews of the documentary and book last week.

Another would include a retooled version of a publicly known but unpublished tale, “The Last and Best of the Peter Pans,” which is to be collected with new stories and existing work about the fictional Caulfields, including “Catcher in the Rye.” The new works are said to include a story-filled “manual” of the Vedanta religious philosophy, with which Mr. Salinger was deeply involved; a novel set during World War II and based on his first marriage; and a novella modeled on his own war experiences.

There Are Five New J.D. Salinger Books Coming

August 16 2013


Kafkas Metamorphosis in a Toiletpaper-Commercial

Als Gregor Samsa eines Morgens aus unruhigen Träumen erwachte, fand er sich in einem Werbespot für ungeheures Klopapier verwandelt. Er lag auf seinem flauschigweichen, vierlagigen Rücken und sah, wenn er den Kopf ein wenig senkte, seinen gewölbten, braunen, von bogenförmigen Verquirlungen geteilten Haufen, auf dessen Höhe sich die Werbewirtschaft, zum gänzlichen Niedergleiten bereit, über ihn lustig machte. (Kafkas Die Verwandlung, Anpassungen von yours truly.)

The seminal story makes a cameo in a new Charmin commercial, and it appears one of the brand’s cartoon mascot bears is a bit bookish. Partway through the commercial, which asks the bears about how they spend their time in the bathroom, one of the animated bears holds up a book labeled “Franz Kafka,” with a cover drawing of the beetle that usually represents the author’s most famous work. “Sometimes I like to bring a book,” the bear explains. […]

Whatever the literary proclivity, the appearance of a 20th century classic novella in a toilet paper commercial is, in a word, Kafkaesque.

Franz Kafka’s ‘The Metamorphosis’ appears in toilet paper commercial

August 15 2013


Molly Crabapple interviews Warren Ellis

Wenn Molly Crabapple ein Interview mit Warren Ellis für The Paris Review führt, kann das nur unterhaltsam werden. Wenn das Interview dann mit dem Satz „Somewhere, on an NSA server in Utah, there sits an email from Warren Ellis threatening to strangle me to death with my own intestines“ beginnt, dann bin ich sowas von sold. Ich hab’ das komplette (nicht sehr lange) Ding grade durchgelesen und das solltet Ihr auch tun, die ersten paar Sätze und die Jokes über Insektensex und American Food sind reinstes Gold:

Tell me about your information consumption.

This is going to be just another way for you to insist I listen to the sounds of insects having sex and calling it music while you pollute your apartment with the strains of some idiot with a ukulele wailing about consumption and sodomy.

We call that culture. As an Englishman, you wouldn’t understand.

What would you know about culture? You come from the town that gave the world the cronut.

Cronuts are tasty. As an Englishman, you wouldn’t know what that word means.

We have a joke in this country about American food. It goes like this: “American food.”

“One Murder is Statistically Utterly Unimportant”: A Conversation with Warren Ellis

August 02 2013


Ernest Hemingway Lookalike-Contest

Wusste ich auch noch nicht: Es gibt einen Lookalike-Contest für alte Männer, die wie Ernest „Write drunk; edit sober“ Hemingway aussehen. Hätte mein Papa auch mitmachen können, der sah auch so aus und mein Bart wird auch langsam aber sicher grau (und zwar auf die coole Reed Richards/Nick Fury-symmetrische Art, ha!) Die Fotos auf Petapixel kommen von Henry Hargreaves.

Every year, in the third week of July, over 100 silver bearded men descend upon the city of Key West, Florida. Their goal: to be declared the man who most resembles American writer Ernest Hemingway. The contest they participate in is put on by the Hemingway Look-Alike Society, and is the largest sanctioned look-alike competition in the world. […]

Starting on July 21st (Hemingway’s birthday), roughly 150 look-alikes begin engaging in 4 days of crazy competition. Events include arm wrestling, fishing, drinking, a running of the bulls, and reading Hemingway’s writings. In the end, the winner is selected by previous winners of the contest.

Portraits of the Bearded Men in an Ernest Hemingway Look-Alike Contest

July 26 2013


Lies I’ve Told My 3 Year Old Recently

Bitte: Nehmt Euch die zehn Sekunden Zeit und lest Euch das Gedicht Lies I’ve Told My 3 Year Old Recently von Raul Gutierrez durch. Der letzte Satz hat mir das Herz gebrochen.

Trees talk to each other at night.
All fish are named either Lorna or Jack.
Before your eyeballs fall out from watching too much TV, they get very loose.
Tiny bears live in drain pipes.
If you are very very quiet you can hear the clouds rub against the sky.
The moon and the sun had a fight a long time ago.
Everyone knows at least one secret language.
When nobody is looking, I can fly.
We are all held together by invisible threads.
Books get lonely too.
Sadness can be eaten.
I will always be there.

Lies I’ve Told My 3 Year Old Recently (via Boing Boing)

July 24 2013


Nietzsches Typewriter

Das hier ist Nietzsches Schreibmaschine, ein 1882er Malling-Hansen Writing Ball.

Nietzsche received his writing ball in 1882. It was the newest model, the portable tall one with a colour ribbon, serial number 125, and several typescripts are known to have been written by him on this writing ball. We know that Nietzsche was also familiar with the newest Remington typewriter (model 2), but as he wanted to buy a portable typewriter, he chose to buy the Malling-Hansen writing ball, as this model was lightweight and easy to carry — one might say that it was the “laptop” of that time.

Friedrich Nietzsche and his typewriter – a Malling-Hansen Writing Ball (via My Own Private Book Club)

July 04 2013


Happy 130th, Franz Kafka!

Youtube Direktfranz

Kafka wäre gestern 130 Jahre alt geworden! Herzlichen Glückwunsch, oller Gehirnverknoter! In Deutsch war ich ja früher immer so gute Mittelklasse, aber bei Kafka hab ich immer geleuchtet und mir da regelmäßig meine Einsen abgeholt, die poetische Annäherung an bürokratische Seelenfresser hab ich schon mit 16 verstanden. Danke, Franz!

Video oben: The Onions fantastisches 2009er-Video über Prags Franz Kafka-Airport: „Business Week ranked the airport last in customer satisfaction due to long delays, bureaucratic employees, and overall oppressive atmosphere.“ Wird Zeit für einen Kafka-Remix der PRISM-Affäre.

Vorher auf Nerdcore:
Schreiben wie Franz: Kafka Typeface
Kafka und Clockwork Orange Atari Cartridges
Thompson/Kafka-channeling Bookstore-Commercial
Kafkas Metamorphosis transformed thru Youtube Auto-Transcription, reveals Ghost in the Machine
The Meowmorphosis: Kafka with Kittens

July 03 2013


➜ Humble Ebook Bundle 2

Das zweite eBook-Bundle ist da, hab ich mir grade für 15$ gekauft (obwohl ich zwei der Bücher bereits habe, Little Brother und Last Unicorn): „Six sweet literary works. Humble eBook Bundle 2 features six novel works of prose from respected authors. Name your price for Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, Boneshaker by Cherie Priest, Spin by Robert Charles Wilson, and Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold. Pay more than the average and you’ll also receive The Last Unicorn: Deluxe Edition by Peter Beagle and Just a Geek by Wil Wheaton!“

✖ This Item on Nerdcore.

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